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HOLY KRAP IT"S BEEN A LONG ASS TIME! [10 Aug 2004|03:28pm]
haha my title explains! it's been a while since i wrote in here wow there has been so much going on i don't even know where to start and i don't even have time to explain! so i think i will explain later! okiee! i hope everyone will read it when i do!
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[03 Jan 2004|11:52am]

Find your element!
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[03 Jan 2004|12:20am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

+our days together are like none that i have ever had+
+they make me feel so safe when i'm in your arms+
+i can be with you each and everyday+
+i don't ever want to be apart from you+
+i want it to be like this always+
+you make me smile+
+we made it through our rough times+
+i know we grow stronger each and everyday+
+no matter where i am you're always on my mind+
+sometimes i make you sad but i don't mean to+
+when i cry you dry my tears+
+when you cry i dry your tears+
+when we cry it's not for sadness it's for happiness+
+i'm there to help you find your way when you get lost+
+i find my way to you when i get lost+
+you never leave me alone in the darkness+
+i would be lost forever in my tears if i didn't have you+
+i love you always+
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[03 Jan 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | loved ]

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay well for new years i went to dinner with kyle and his family at the keg might i add it was sooo damn good!
well yes then after we were off to one of their family friends and it was fun. we did the count down thingy and then at 12:15 me and kyle were on the buss back to his house which had no one home cuz his parents were staying over at their friends house so we had the house to all ourselves. we tryed to watch a movie but i was too damn tired by 2 o'clock so we went to bed!
oh also on the bus we found a wallet it had money and her bank card with her pin # and all that shit but we decided to call her and give it back it was the right thing to doo!
well next day we watched a movie and lazyed about the whole day then around 6 or so we decided to go get something to eat and we were off but it took us a while because we decided to go have a little fun on a tabogin (dunno how to spell)damn it was fun! haha
then after we ate and went to have more fun then we went back to his house and sat around till i had to go back home he bussed me home and we saw friends on bus and then yea
that was my new years

today i had work and kyle came to visit and we sat and talked and sneaked a couple of kisses in hehe! well after a while we decided to go back to my house around 9 9:30 and so we came back and he was suppose to take the 11:02 bus but he didn't he stayed and yea we watched some tv and ate and then it was time for him to go home!
bye bye!

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[29 Dec 2003|11:44pm]
I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha feels soo good to be back in canada! haha!
well my christmas was good!
kyle came over ans spent it with me! yay! and it was a damn good turkey dinner! haha well this is what i got:
--+hand bag+--
--+bag for my back haha if that makes sense+--
--+pockey sticks yummy+--
--+bath sutff+--
yea that's it
emm then after i finished packing and i was off to kyles to sleep over
next day we wake up and get ready!
then we are off to SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha yay!
we get to the out sides of it and we get a hotel room and watched movies next day we get up and we are off to seattle and we went to look at the needle! holy crap is it ever tall! haha eemmm we went on the monorail thingy dunno how to spell but yes we went around well walked then we found an motel and spent the night and then next day we are off to bellis fair didn't do much der and we were on our way home!
so back in canada and it had snowed when i was not here! but it's okay! hehe! then i spent the night at kyles and we watched movies and stuff and soo today we went to metro walked around and he got sum stuff and then we went back to his house and hung around! and now i am just writing this and waiting for my mommy and daddy to come home and bring me food! haha!
i'm getting fat! BLAH!

but yes i gotta talk to leisha and karisa and people and see how they are doing with out me! haha!
i hope you guys had a good holiday!
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[24 Dec 2003|01:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

SHOPPING IS FINALLY DONE!!!!!! yay! haha! well i still gotta get one or two things! but it's okay!
emm i was around richmond bussing everywhere with kyle the past 3days! but we are finished shopping so yay for us! haha
emm tomorrow is christmas eve! well it is the 24th ryte now so today is christmas eve! haha!
well i get to go out with kyle and his family to der family friends for dinner and stuff it's gonna be fun!
then christmas day! haha! yAY! emm what else the seattle on friday! YAY! can't wait!
but yes i want my room to change around but i'm afraid if i do theres not enough stuff to go around! hmmm.... i will try and figure something out! but yes i gotta go to sleep now because i'm tired and i gotta get up at 10:30 tomorrow and got o the mall again! blah! haha but this time it's for my mom she wants me to get something for my sister.

night night!

WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[20 Dec 2003|11:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

wow! i havn't been on in a while! but okay! SCHOOL is finally out! YAY! haha! and CHRISTMAS IS IN 5 DAYS! i'm sooo excited! YIPPY! haha well then after that i get to go to Seattle for boxing day! WOO HOO! and what makes it even better is i'm going with my boyfriend! i can't wait!
yesterday i went to meet up with kyle then went backt o his house and got ready to go to his work's christmas party. it was fun they had a santa and everything i want santa to bring me a horsey! hehe! then after we bused it back here to my house and he slept over. morning we wake up and do nothing for a little bit then we get ready to go SHOPPING!
so today i finally finished my shopping for my family! haha! took me soo long or i was just kinda lazy to go look for stuff and plus i didn't really have so much money! but i got things that i hope they would like! i got my oldest sister and my brother in law a cookie jar and it's the head of tweetie bird and i'm going to bake cookies that she likes and put them in there. For my other sister i got her a watch so she could be on time! hehe then my parents i got my mommy socks! they are soo nice and colouful and my daddy a face towel because he needed one and i got them both chocolates that are really good and yummy! hehe
and for kyle i have it in my mind i wish i could say but i can't because i know he reads this. hehe it's a secret! shhhh..

i got a cut on my knee! OUCH! it hurts =( but it's okay i put a band aid on it! ALL BETTER! hehe

but yea theres not to much to say soo me go now.

WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[07 Dec 2003|12:28am]
okay havn't really updated but nothing really exciting ever happens in my life!
but n e ways senoir starlight ball was good. it looked soo pretty! thx to me and leisha's ideas and the help of our team! haha! well yea
this weekend i slept over at kyles and today we went x-mas shopping well he did i got one thing for my secret santa thingy so yea.
tomorrow i have horsebaq and then gonna see kyle and we are gonna do another one of our lazy days! haha like we don't have enough of those! but wutever s'all good as long as i get to spend time with him!
i love you baby!

ahhh x-mas is comming up and i have no idea what to get ppl i only have one idea for my sister and that's it i need my other sister and parents and kyle
anyone have n e ideas?????
10WUD u even n.o.t.i.c.e >me< [a t] all?| WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[27 Nov 2003|02:54pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

report card:

biology 11-73%(B)
art 3D-82%(B)

so that fucking sux! i need to bring up my marks i know i can but in math and chem it's hard and i can't do it!
might as well drop chem and move my math class to a different teacher so i can actually understand what the hell i'm doing in that class!
fuk it's messed up!
i also found out that i failed another test in chemistry! yay for me! fuk i'm so fucking stupid! why can't i be the least bit smart? i mean just a little bit!

i'm suprised that my parents havn't ragedon me about my report card yet!
i still need to apply to college and shit! but that'z gonna cost me $40 to apply but i hope my parents pay me back cuz i still need to go christmas shopping. i still don't know what to get ppl.

on top of all this elmo has come to visit and so that's not very good either because i want it to like come 1 or 2 days and then go away!

7WUD u even n.o.t.i.c.e >me< [a t] all?| WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[25 Nov 2003|11:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hah aokay i havn't really updated really but n eways nothing really exciting happens to me so yea! last week was the same old nothing! haha! then weekend was nothing too well i got to see kyle so that made my weekend! and i finally got my pants hemmed! i have pants to wear!!!
speaking of pants jelena needs to get new ones! haha!
and this week is startin out okay saw kyle yesterday and today and we watched movie we rented dreamcatcher today it was messed up but good.

so omg! it's me and kyle's 4months on thursday! WOW! hehe we are gonna make dinner and get a mccain cake! haha YUMMMY! i'm trying to fatten him up so i can eat him! haha nawww! i'll just have a taste! haha!
oh and baby i hope your tummy feels better! *MUAH*

emmmm parents still saying stuff about college and stuff but wutever i'm gonna get an application form tomorrow and check things out! BLAH!
well i'm off!

WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[20 Nov 2003|01:22am]
i don't get why we are like this always
i want it to go away but it just keeps comming back
i hate it
WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[12 Nov 2003|03:20pm]
emmm weekend work and saw kyle emmm monday saw kyle and it was capp day at school and then tues was no school so i met kyle in dt then we walked around and then came baq to my house and layed around and ate oh and brought muffins! hehe!
what else hmm... nothing really i just have a weird taste in my mouth and i figured where i'm getting it from! haha it's from the gum! DAMNIT! haha gotta get new kinds of gum! haha other then that!

fuking parents and like when are u going to apply at bcit or where ever! fuk my dad doesn't want me to go to kwantlen where am i suppose to fuking go?? ubc? ha! i wish! i'm too fuking dumb! and i don't see what's so bad about kwantlen fuk just leave me alone and i'll get it done! for fuk sake! everytime i apply sumwhere i gotta pay $40 anyways! so are they gonna pay for it all?? if i apply at 2 schools that will be $80 already! like they have that kinda money to spend on applications! fuk!
WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[08 Nov 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | good ]

okiee dokiee! weekend started and it's going grrrreat! haha!
emm yesterday school was okay i guess had a test in chem and it was okay! i hope i passed! AHHHH!!!!
okay then i had work went der and started off BORING! but then it got really busy! then cell rings! guess who! KYLE! he was at london drugs and he came to visit mee! yay! hehe! then he sed just gonna stay for 5-10mins HA! yea ryte! ended up staying the night! haha! yippy! he also got me the lion king movie DVD! haha i love it! my fav! i was sick and i didn't feel good but it's all good! emm we went to sleep woke up and yea! now we are here! hehe! i gotta go to work today too! BLAH! to many weddings in this family and friends! geez! haha but it's all good!
well i'm off to yea haha!

WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[05 Nov 2003|07:20pm]
somethimes i just don't what to do or say...
WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

hmm... [05 Nov 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

okay so halloween has passed and stuff so this is how thingz went!
friday i had to help my parents work! blah! she only sed for a few hours! BULLSHIT! i stayed till like 8 8:30 so i cudn't meet up with jade! sorry babez! but upside is that i went to my baby's house and slept over der! we didn't do much but that's okay!
so saturday we wake up and do nothing juss chill for a bit then i got a headache BOO HOO! but i took a pill and it was gone! *POOF* so we decided to go downtown and walk around! oh and i went to wal*mart for the first time! WOO HOO! haha didn't look around but looked interesting! off to dt we go! walked around for a bit then we decided to go down to english bay then he got a good idea of walkin past that statue part and we ended up at another little part of then beach and we sat down and cuddled! OMG! greatest night EVER! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that what we sed i have been waiting for a while to say that to him and it felt so good to tell him that!
so then it got cold so we went back to his house and just layed on his bed and den soon it was time for me to go soo we took me to buss stop and bussed me home! *MUAH* thx sweety!

on sunday! i had horseback riding and then it was my uncles wedding! it was sooo nice! i made 50bucks! haha 40 from this card box i made and 10 from helping someone gamble! haha! it was soo good!

emmm this week is going pretty good! saw kyle monday and yesterday being tuesday we just chilled at my house
today i didn't get to see him =( but it's okay becuase i get to see him tomorrow!

oh yea! karisa, leisha and kaley it's on!

i think i'm getting sick! BLAH!

2WUD u even n.o.t.i.c.e >me< [a t] all?| WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[28 Oct 2003|11:40pm]
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay halloween is comming up and i dunno what to doo! uh oh! i have plans with jade but i havn't talked to her in like a while! soo hmmm but s'all good! emm i dunno what to be too! UH OH! what s'all i be?? hmmm.....
3WUD u even n.o.t.i.c.e >me< [a t] all?| WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[28 Oct 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | scared ]

woo hoo! okay yay! it was me and kyles 3 months yesterday and it was good!!
soo yesterday he came and got me at school and then we bussed out to downtown well right before it too the chapters to get a journal couldn't find one so went to the one in downtown and he found one that we both liked so he got it. the deal with it is that we are gonna put our stuff in it like pictures words letters i dunno anything we want and it's just ours! hehe such a cute idea it hink it is! hehe
emm then we went to dinner at the same place we went to on our first date and we made it so that every 3 months we are gonna go der! hehe he thought of it!
then we were gonna go to english bay and walk around and stuff but that didn't happen because as soon as we got der and sat down it started to rain a bit so we decided to leave and come back to my house. so we get back here and do nothing but just lay down and look at each other hehe cuddling is goood!
soo then he had to go=( but then! today we came and got me at school again and we came back here and sat around and did shit all! but it was all good! haha!
emm OMG! we walked home and the wind was blowing like soo much! i think i almost got blown over! haha! oh yea and i'm kinda scared of the sound and stuff and being home alone and i didn't like that and kyle left soo yea but then i thought i would have to wait till 12 for my parents to get home but i didn't! yay! hehe my sister came home and saved me from the darkness and wind blowing! haha! but yea then that's about it for my two days! yay for me! haha!

WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

friends or not? [26 Oct 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

okay people change friends in school to figure out which group they fit in the best with and i find that i fit in with karisa and leisha and them the best because i can have fun doing shit all at each others house or what not. also i know i can trust you guys and i chnaged my friends since grade 8. as you know i use to hang out with the "cool" people not soo cool! haha make me sick! STUCK UP BITCHES!!!!!!!!! haha! only a few i like! and i don't care if they don't talk to me anymore because i know that i don't need those kinda people in my life.

also as you can tell no one cared about melissa really when she left like i feel like it's their fault what happened cuz of them! i still luv her soo much i've known her since like i dunno haha and she is the kinda person to give the shirt off her back for ya!
you know these are the years where you find your tru friends soo don't let this small krap get in the way if you guys are tru friends you'll pull through even though yea you might not talk for awhile or not who cares shit happens what matters is that you can have fun with eachother and trust eachtoher to not stab eachtoher in the back or n e thing else for that matter!

for fuk sake grow up and don't bitch about stupid shit like this.
i'm not the one who really bitches or lashes out or get's madd at people really but i find it really dumb that people put others down to boost thier own self up and make themselves look good where the other person looks like krap.
seriously is that the kinda friend you really want? i know i don't!

i'm not trying to pin point this on ne one i'm just sayin this in general because everyone is bitching bout this and that about friends so i thought i would put my wisdom into it!

haha what wisdom!

2WUD u even n.o.t.i.c.e >me< [a t] all?| WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

crazy weekend! [26 Oct 2003|10:10am]
[ mood | lazy ]

okay! first thursday i went to karisas with kyle and leisha and we rented movie and watched it and it was good fun! then we had some webcam fun! WOO HOO! hehe!
so friday i had a halloween party to go to at my barn! and so i get there and its fun! hehe yay! we decorated and made a haunted house! kids arrived and we carved pumpkins and face painted and stuff! the haunted house was successful! WOO HOO! hehe kids got scared!
then saturday which was yesterday i went to kyles and we sat around at first and did nothing then we decided to rent movie so we went to rent movie and get mcdicks and yea came baq and couldn't watch it cuz his parents rented a movie to so they watched theirs and after we didn't watch ours i made him watch little mermaid with me! hehe! then after we layed down for a bit agian and den we went to 22nd and i got on my bus and came home!
oh yea the bus smelt like fish when i got on! EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
and today i woke up and forgot to set my clocks back one hour! so i went around setting all the clocks! haha! and now they are all done! yay! for me!

today i kyle is gonna come over and we are gonna watch our movie and then i dunno make dinner go for dinner? i dunno! but yea that's it!

WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

[22 Oct 2003|04:05pm]
okay i havn't posted n e new pix yet soo here i go!
me, kyle and birhtday partyCollapse )

that's all folks! come back again! hehe!
2WUD u even n.o.t.i.c.e >me< [a t] all?| WUD [u] c.a.t.c.h >me< if I faLl?

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